The Problem with Re-training

The Problem with Re-training It is almost a drumbeat, what American workers need is more education, more technical and skill based education to fill the jobs coming open today. The Problem with Re-training There is undoubtedly a certain amount of… Continue Reading

For My Students, The Poisoner’s Handbook


The Poisoner’s Handbook – The Standards for The Rest of The America – YouTube I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing this film last night. It’s an amazing exploration of the history of poisons and poisoning in New York… Continue Reading

The End of Subcontracting as We Know It

The End of Subcontracting as We Know It? This afternoon the National Labor Relations Board ruled that in many cases an employee of a sub-contractor is joint employee of both the sub-contractor and the contracting company. The End of Subcontracting… Continue Reading

Reason is Basic to Decision Making in Business Ethics


I was on Facebook the other day, and one of my relatives posted about Obama’s visit to Oklahoma. I spend the first 44 years of my life there and many of my relatives still live there. Some of the comments… Continue Reading