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Dear JP

US has created a bubble of its own, not just a furious-attack as Krugman says [from WP on the bubble..the response of the right was a furious attack; basically, it was politically incorrect to raise any question about the glorious Bush boom.] but a piranha syndrome on any one who talks against cap… before the ism is even completed, by US – .com, .gov, .edu, .org, in one voice by the dots that stand disconnected otherwise. US.ppl stands completely alienated. An idea when turned over, through a maze of analysts before considered by the CEO led team of experts at a Camp Goliath or some such resorts the incremental cost of the idea is so prohibitive in comparison to the corresponding benefits, that it is thrown in the dust bin. US has expended itself out. No country in the world can afford US Model.

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Recently (July 2012) Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India declared “Reverse the climate of pessimism… revive the animal spirits in the country’s economy,” It is indeed surprising the catch-phrase was not made use of all these years and Dr. Manmohan Singh a renowned economist himself had stressed on bringing optimism to his second wave of reforms for revival of Indian economy. Can Animal Spirits be implanted to Indian Economy? What about for Corporate Sector? The note prepared by IBCM© Research is published here with regard to Animal Spirits that John Maynard Keynes stated in the year 1930 and what it means to corporate? ‘Reviving Keynes Animal Spirits for your business –

Measuring by Return on Intangible’ is one that can bring in measurable vibrancy within an organisation. IBCM© Research Consulting shall be the agent of change.

From the web site, Jayaribcm’s Blog.


Investment decisions have to go deeper in identifying where to invest so
as to have a long term benefit for both the parties – Investor and
Investee, where Value System takes precedence in measuring to the
expectations. Equity portfolio of the investor will remain the driver to
accelerate towards higher rating by Intangible Value Capital that
measures the value system of the Corporate. Same is true for banks on
credit risks. It is inevitable IBCM© Research’s Intangible Value Capital
would remain as the one foremost Rating methodology necessary for any
investment decision.

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Inactivity Based Cost Management by Jayaraman Rajah Iyer  

The theme of the book is: Activity is a Cost Incidence whereas
Inactivity Cost has a Consequence. Inactivity Based Cost Management is
Measuring Intangible: Governance,Ethical & Fiscal Responsibility and
Accountability. Cost Consequence is relevant for only one day, i.e.
today, as a corollary Governance is feasible for only one day, i.e.
today. Inactivity Based Cost Management measures your skills and
energies of Governance, Corporate or Government.

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