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  1. Rhonda Neece

    As unfortunate as this event was, the blame is not something easily placed in just one area. The parents is the first thing people look at, but children have imbalances that have nothing to do with the parents. A variety of reasons could be the factor.
    Kids thrieve on getting over on their parents, could these two kids not have been really good at coning their parents?AND….
    Its sad that a police department has so many cases, that they dont take seriously, the call that was made to them, before this event happened. Why did they not take a little time to at least look into it? Over worked? Understaffed?Or was it just not taken seriously?Neglect is the word I find in this situation.who else is to blame, but the combination of cops, parents, and the school. Had they have notifided each other of potential problems. This event would never had transpired….
    Parents with troubled children…get help….and if they show even a potential of violent tendency’s…really reach out for help.
    But, our children spend so much time in school, why could the school system not have seen the signs of a troubled child sitting in the class room? To many students? or did not care…Either way, this cost peoples lives…
    Or do we just say, a bully caused it all?


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