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Net Neutrality and Strange Bedfellows?

hmlbr52Net Neutrality and Strange Bedfellows?

It is a trite statement: “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” However overused the expression, it is quite accurate.

In the struggle over net neutrality a number of corporations have joined the side of the angels. Why?

When the subject is net neutrality we are talking about access. Without net neutrality major players, that is, those with millions or more commonly billions of dollars, will own the prime real estate, the highest internet speeds while the rest of us will live in a ghetto of diminished speed and low expectations.

Obviously, bloggers and activists need net neutrality so their sites can be effective, but so do small businesses and corporations. Some corporations have large internet operations that offer only a limited opportunity for profit. Buying internet speed is not economical for some users. Further, if you have a startup, like Facebook was at one time, you will not be able to afford the extra cost of the speed that might make your business a success.

Think of the attacks on net neutrality not as a corporate assault on equal privileges of use – think of it as specific corporations making that assault. It is not hard to figure out which ones. The other corporations will be in the same boat with the rest of us, unable to get high internet speeds without paying a premium.

Thus, we have a probably temporary but workable alliance between social activists, some businesses and corporations and independent bloggers (like me).

We’re like ill-funded insurgents often enemies with each other in a common cause against a formally trained, experienced and huge army. Let’s see what our ragged band of fighters can do?

James Pilant

Net neutrality has done the impossible: Align leftist and corporate interests


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