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Dan Bodine Has a New Post

abom11thDan Bodine Has a New Post

It is with great pleasure I post the opening of Dan Bodine’s new post at the Desert Mountain Times. Please go to his web site and read it. Sign up as a follower and enjoy being part of a real writer’s experience.

James Pilant

All this talk about Texas being “backwards” is a conspiracy

Want to pass along a link to a new HBO film series that includes Texas’ “religiosity” – vis a vis its “backward” political culture – that’s guaranteed to ruffle some feathers! Even has my favorite congressman in it. …



Net Neutrality and Strange Bedfellows?


When Duty Called …


  1. We wouldn’t have to worry so much about the consequences of mandating energy (that darned finite resource) switches as long as Joe Barton is allowed to continue to speak at hearings. This way, there will be plenty of hot wind to go around.

    I wonder what Joe thinks will happen to the ‘heat’ when we’ve exploited oil reserves? I suppose he won’t have to worry about it since he’ll be dead by then, but surely God will find a way to sort it out!

    It’s just something to think about.

    • You’re quite right. I do find it depressing that individuals like him wield so much power. Thanks for visiting! jp

  2. desertmountainair

    Thanks much for the referral and the kind words, Mr. Pilant. Equal regards for your work, too. I wish I had the energy to be half as prolific as you. It does seem at times the only “daylight” hopes for us *old-time*, Democratic conservatives is to keep *pecking away*.

    Best wishes, Dan Bodine

    • I’m always glad to hear from you. I may be more prolific but I’m not as clever or experienced as you. jp

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