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In a column on Monday Samuelson told us of his “fantasy”:

“Retired presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush would tour the country together and apologize. They would apologize for not tackling Social Security and Medicare when they had the chance.”

What a fantasy! Here we are sitting in the middle of the wreckage of the housing bubble and we are supposed to be upset at Presidents Clinton and Bush for not cutting Social Security and Medicare.

I too have a fantasy: “Robert Samuelson travels the country and talks to the elderly who would be homeless or hungry without Social Security. He then visits one of the free medical fairs where hundreds and sometimes thousand of middle class Americans try to get the medical care they can no longer afford because they have no insurance. And finally, that Samuelson would free his mind from free market absolutism and make decisions based on facts.”

As long as Samuelson lives, the top one percent will never lack a propagandist for their point of view. Are millions out of work – No Big Deal. But could in twenty years, America’s deficit cause poor returns on bond investments – My Gracious, something has got to be done and it better be immediate!

The deficit is a minor problem in comparison with the financial fraud of the 2008 collapse, widespread mortgage fraud, the international financial crisis particularly in Europe, the war in Afghanistan and the unemployment crisis in the United States. No amount of Washington Post editorializing will change those facts.

But as far as the top one percent are concerned, facts are meaningless. Their concerns are the only legitimate concerns and they intend to get something done. If not by votes or elections, then by a fourth politburo style committee of both houses of Congress designed to impose their vision of Social Security and Medicare cuts while leaving all the other current priorities unaddressed.

These self centered fools, in particular the editorial page of the Washington Post, deserve little but contempt for their one sided propagandizing. They can do better and their customers and their nation deserve some active journalism instead of slavish devotion to ideas an intelligent child would dismiss.

James Pilant

P.S. Please click the link below and visit Beat the Press and read the whole article. My comments can never equal the full impact of the complete writing.

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