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Kukkumol comments on "The Health Hazards of Cell Phone and Cell Tower Radiations"

Kukkumol comments on "The Health Hazards of Cell Phone and Cell Tower Radiations"

I have always had mixed feelings about both cell phones and cell towers. For many years, I wouldn’t carry a cell phone because I felt it intruded on my privacy and was often an annoyance. Even now, I often forget to carry it.

I have heard a lot of charges and defenses for the communications industry. I think it is the usual situation.

A new technology creates new products. At first, no one asks any questions about safety especially long term safety; but as time goes by – it becomes apparent that there need to be rules. As the research comes in, changes are made. This is often much too late for some sufferers.

Some products like portable x-ray machines to determine your correct shoe size were unqualified disasters. So were heath drinks laced with radium.

Some were merely harmless like the fad for having magnets in your shoes or electrifying parts of your body.

Are there health hazards of cell phone and cell tower radiations? We’ll know in time.

I’ll be watching the research

James Pilant

P.S. To my astonishment, the fad of having magnets in your shoes which I observed in one of those Sears Catalog copies from the turn of the Century (the Twentieth) is an actual ongoing fad with many magnet shoes present on the internet, all of them apparently bragging about how powerful their magnets are.

Kukkumol comments on “The Health Hazards of Cell Phone and Cell Tower Radiations

English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illin...

English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illinois, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All the electronic equipments are dangerous to human health. Now we are habituated of all the equipments. Now we cannot go back to stone age. We have to accept the fact, we are living in a dangerous planet called earth. Every one know Smoking dangerous to health, when ever Government want to to stop smoking, automatically it has increased. Before we were smoking and chewing pan, now we started with all the Gutkas, than the advertisement came for Mobile phones, every one knows that this causes cancer. Now billions of people using mobiles. We are like children, if parents says Son don’t touch this, this is fire. Immediately Child want to to touch the fire, after getting hurt, he will stop. In the same manner when we have cancer than we will stop. Don’t forget we are from Adam’s family……

From around the web.

From the web site, E M Watch.


A study into the effects of a cell tower on a herd of dairy cattle was
conducted by the Bavarian state government in Germany and published in
1998. The erection of the tower caused adverse health effects resulting
in a measurable drop in milk yield. Relocating the cattle restored the
milk yield. Moving them back to the original pasture recreated the
problem. Dairy Cow Study

A human study (Kempten West) in 2007 measured blood levels of seratonin
and melatonin (important hormones involved in brain messaging, mood,
sleep regulation and immune system function) both before, and
five months after, the activation of a new cell site.

Twenty-five participants lived within 300 metres of the site.
Substantial unfavourable changes occurred with respect to both hormones,
in almost all participants. Kemptem West Study

From the web site, The Radiation Doctor.


A lot of
people have been rather hasty in jumping to a lot of derogatory
conclusions and accusations about the alleged health risks from cell
phone towers. While these suggestions of health risks from radiations
emanating from cell towers have been made; to say that the rays are
carcinogenic, and a definite call to cancer; is quite extreme. Why?
Because there is simply NOT enough evidence to prove a conclusive link
between cell phone towers & cancer; and inversely, enough proof that
there is no direct or considerable proof that shows these radiations
can be harmful.

From the web site, Mivule Tech – Africa.


A recent study in Nigeria compiled into a book revealed the health dangers that are brought about by Cell Phones including the mass cell phone towers that are mushrooming allover Africa.

While this is not new information, the Nigerian Government has at least taken the initiative to carry out a study and publish the facts in a book though the author seems to take a very weak approach in confronting the Multinational Corporations responsible for the ‘coming health crisis’ in Africa caused by radiation of thousands of mushrooming Cell Phone Towers across Africa.

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Who will stand up for the public interest, not just the major telecommunications companies? (via Ritajasper's Blog)

I ask that question every day. Who stands for the public? Who stands for the middle class? Does anybody care?

This is a post directed at Canadian issues in terms of the details but once past the details the problems are world wide. Are we going to allow the new powers of technology to be cash cows for a rapacious corporate mind set? Are we going to be a bunch of proles, peons and sheep, managed like cattle being fed while these huge organizations decide whether or not our material is seen?

I read all the time that these companies have a right to make these charges, to regulate bandwidth – – corporate freedom? That’s a comedy concept. People are what’s important. The right of an organization to make a profit is overborne by the possibilities of human happiness, human welfare and political rights. Whatever our wacky supreme court decides, corporations should have no more rights than any other political concept, that is, none. Corporations are already well protected because the people who run and own them have human and political rights which they are in no way shy about exerting.

It’s time to organize and fight. It time to stop this nonsense of corporate sentience.

Humans are important, not giant collections of cash.

James Pilant

Jack said “I have heard from thousands of Canadians who tell me that internet access and cell phone affordability are critical issues for them. Please know that New Democrats recognize the importance of these issues in today’s rapidly changing society. The following are highlights from our 2011 election plan: – We will prohibit all forms of usage-based billing (UBB) by Internet Service Providers (ISPs); – We will unlock cells phones, allowing con … Read More

via Ritajasper’s Blog

The Health Hazards of Cell Phone and Cell Tower Radiations

Today, I received the following e-mail. I am honored to be listed among the recipients. I bring it and the issues raised to your attention.

James Pilant

Courtesy of Techpin

Dear All,

While we are discussing anti-corruption, Anna Hazare, etc., it is
important for all of us to also understand what is going in the
telecom industry (2G scam and so on) and the health hazards of cell
phone and cell tower radiations and how telecom industry and policy
makers are completely ignoring this fact.

I had attended TRAI Green Telecom open house in Delhi on March 18, 2011
and subsequently submitted attached 1+4 pages report. Please find time
to go through the report and share it with all your known people to
create awareness.

With regards.

Girish Kumar

Here is the report.

Brief Report and Recommendations
Open-house conducted by TRAI on
Green Telecommunications
on March 18, 2011
Submitted to
Dr. J.S. Sarma
Chairman, TRAI
Prof. Girish Kumar
Electrical Engineering Department
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai – 400076
(022) 2576 – 7436
Report on Open-house conducted by TRAI on Green Telecommunications on
March 18, 2011 at PHD chamber, New Delhi
TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Delhi had floated a consultation paper on
Green Telecommunications on Feb. 3, 2011. It consisted of total 58 pages and was divided in
Preface, Introduction and three chapters.
Chapter I – Carbon Footprint of Telecommunications Industry
Chapter II – Moving towards Green Telecom
Chapter III – Issues for consultation
Chapter I described what is Green Telecom, what are Green House gases and carbon
footprint, motivation for Green Telecom and estimating carbon footprint. It mentioned that
India has around 3.1 Lakh telecom towers of which about 70% are in rural areas. Presently,
40% power requirements are met by grid electricity and 60% by diesel generators (DG).
Total consumption of diesel is 2 billion litres and 5.3 million litres of CO2 is produced.
(GK comments – Number of telecom towers are more than 4.5 Lakhs in 2011, so the above
numbers are outdated. Currently, Indian Govt. gives Rs. 7/litre subsidy to diesel, so total
subsidy for 2 billion litres of diesel is Rs. 14 Billion = Rs. 1400 crores per year to Telecom
Chapter II deals with domestic and global efforts for reduction of carbon footprint, methods
of reducing carbon footprint, promoting R&D for green telecom, and corporate social
responsibility. Several measures for reducing carbon footprint are described, such as,
adoption of energy efficient equipment, innovative technologies, renewable energy (solar,
wind, tidal, biomass, fuel cell, etc), infrastructure sharing, better network planning,
monitoring and reporting, incentive for green telecom, etc.
(GK comments – Why industry wants incentive for green telecom? Is it not our duty as an
Indians, not to pollute our own country, should we not care for our people and environment?
What are we going to give to the future generation?)
Chapter III consists of total 33 issues for consultation – 3.1 to 3.33
(GK comments – Some of the issues are much better known to TRAI, so asking for too
many issues deter common man to reply and that’s why there were only 25 responses from
the entire country.)
Report on Open House on March 18, 2011
Open-house regarding consultation paper on Green Telecommunications by TRAI started at
10:30 am. It was reported that there were total 25 responses and the distribution was:
3 from Consumer’s Group, 2 from Service Providers Association
5 from Service Providers and 15 from Individuals.
A brief presentation was made about Green Telecom and its importance. It was mentioned
that 59% of power consumption for various telecom towers is met by DG due to lack of
power supply. Total 33 questions were sub-divided into 3 groups. It was mentioned that as a
normal practice, first chance will be given to the consumer’s group and individuals followed
by Service providers and associations.
People from Telecom User Group and individuals mentioned about subsidy of diesel to the
tune of Rs. 1400 crores per year is given to Telecom industry, which should be recovered.
Also, DG creates lots of air pollution, sound and vibration. Telecom systems must be
optimized so that overall energy consumption is reduced. Antenna radiation pattern must be
optimized, cable losses to be reduced, transmitted power should be switched off or reduced
considerably in the night as cell phone use is only around 10%.
I mentioned that the transmitted power from the cell towers must be reduced from 100’s of
Watts to 1 to 2 W. This will reduce the harmful effects of cell tower radiation as it is causing
severe health problems to people, birds, animals, trees and environment. I asked all the
people present in the auditorium that I was told by one Taiwanese manufacturer that
maximum amount of power amplifiers sold in India has output power rating of 200W, is it
true? No Service Provider or Association answered that. After that, I said that since this open
house is not on cell tower radiation and it is on green telecom but by reducing the power
transmission from 100’s W to 1 to 2 W, the energy requirement will be substantially reduced,
there will be no need of cooling the high power amplifier, and thereby air-conditioning is also
not required in most of the cases. This substantially reduced power can be easily met by solar
energy or other renewable sources. This way, we can solve both the problems – reduce the
health hazard and reduce the carbon emission. Of course, reducing the transmitted power will
mean lesser distance coverage. This may require 10 to 20 Lakhs of towers or micro or pico
repeaters or in-building solutions, instead of approximately 5 Lakhs towers, which means
more cost.
It was mentioned that renewable energy is expensive and also it is not available all the time.
For example, solar energy is not present all the times, wind is not everywhere, biomass may
not be convenient, etc. The operators said that it must be subsidized.
There was a discussion on Self regulation of the industry, there were divided opinions. It was
mentioned that Govt. should not try to regulate everything, Telecom operators must be
allowed to give self certification that they are meeting all the norms but other mentioned that
self regulation will not work until and unless forced.
(GK comments – Why self regulation/certification is only allowed to Telecom operators?
Why not all the people on the road give self certification that they did not jump red light, why
not all the criminals self certify that they did not do any crime, and so on – then we will not
need police, courts, lawyers, and so on. It will be true Ram Rajya.)
It was mentioned that 60% of cell phone calls are made from home, so fixed mobile
convergence should be used, i.e. transfer from mobile to fixed landline using copper or fiber,
which will also be useful for high speed broadband communication. However, compared to
other countries, India has a very small percentage of landline/fiber connectivity.
It was stated that in a village near Delhi, the cow’s milk yield has gone down from 5
liters/day to 0.5 liters/day after installation of cell towers. Also, sound and vibration of DG
disturbs animals/birds.
People from service providers mentioned several measures being taken by them to reduce the
carbon footprint. They are now moving indoor BTS to outdoor BTS, which saves airconditioning
cost, newer BTSs are mainly outdoor, switching off few transmitters, automatic
frequency plan, air cooling instead of air-conditioner, better DG, better battery, using solar
and hydrogen fuel, use of e-bills will save paper, etc. However, it was countered that these
measures are incremental in nature, some tweaking done here and there, whereas what is
required is, orders of magnitude change.
Person from Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India (AUSPI) mentioned
that Telecom industry has created Lakhs of jobs, provided cell phones to even extremely poor
people at an affordable price, and hence Govt. should not ask them to do anything which will
increase the cost. He said that others are jealous of growth of telecom industry and many
ministries are after them. He even mentioned that an IIT professor is talking about the
radiation hazard because he wants to sell his radiation shield. Since the attack was directly on
me, I replied that yes, I have a company named “Wilcom Technologies Pvt. Ltd.”, and we
have developed Radiation shield. Yet, I am insisting on reducing the radiation level to protect
the people and environment, and if the radiation levels are reduced then who will buy
radiation shield? I mentioned that it is the vested interest of telecom industry that they are
pumping out large power to save money but creating health hazard to the people. At this
point, chairman intervened, not to get personal.
(GK comment– Why chairman did not intervene when AUSPI person was getting personal?)
There were several other comments/suggestion, such as, umbrella coverage for reducing
carbon foot-print, more fiber optic networks, other countries do not have to use too much of
DG as they have better power grid, etc. It was also mentioned that indigenous development
should take place; more money must be spent on R&D activities, etc.
One thing was loud and clear, Service providers and their Associations want that they should
not be monitored, there should not be any regulation on them, and nothing should be
demanded which will increase the cost. I asked, “What is the cost of the human being, birds,
animals, trees, environment, etc.” – no answer given.
(GK comments – Telecom people are providing lakhs of jobs but they are also giving cancer
and serious health problems to lakhs of people, birds, animals, trees, etc. They claim that it is
the fastest growing industry but it is also creating fastest growing health problems, and that is
the reason, why health and environment ministries are after them. Telecom people say that
they are providing cheapest services in the world, but they take money from even the poorest
of the people in the country and take Govt. subsidy, and then nearly 40% of the total
collected money is given to foreign vendors. The technology could have been developed and
manufactured in India and then money would have remained in the country and also created
millions of jobs.)
1. Govt. must adopt immediate policy, say from March 28, 2011, to reduce the transmitted
power to maximum 1 to 2W, which will protect health of the people from harmful effects
of cell tower radiation. This may create signal problem to the people living near the edge
of the circle in the beginning, so public announcement must be made that this is being
done to protect health of the people. People must be educated about adverse health effects
of cell phone and cell tower radiations.
2. Once power transmitted is reduced, power amplifiers may not be required at most of the
places and no cooling will be required. This will reduce the energy requirement
substantially, which can be easily managed by renewable energy sources.
3. Once power requirement is reduced, DG will not be required in most of the places. This
will also save diesel subsidy amount of Rs. 1400 crores/year
4. The above measures will reduce carbon footprint thereby generating carbon credits.
5. Self certification/regulation must not be allowed. Govt. must enforce stringent policies to
monitor the radiation level, air pollution level, etc. near the cell towers. Monitoring must
be done by third party and extremely heavy penalty must be handed out in case of any
violation as it is directly related to the health of the people, birds, animals, trees,
environment, etc.
6. All the people living close to the tower, who have suffered from the high radiation, must
be compensated. It should come under corporate social responsibility.
7. Greater emphasis must be given to R&D to develop better solutions.
8. Indigenous development and Indian manufacturers must be given the preference.
9. Govt. must make a rule that atleast 90% of the telecom related products must be
manufactured in India, this will help create millions of jobs in India and also most of the
money will remain within the country.
(Prof. Girish Kumar)
P.S.- GK comments in the above text are my comments, which I would have liked to make
but could not, and are not part of open house

How Much Radiation Do Cell Phones Put Out?

You carry one with you all the time. You may have more than one. Your cell phone is indispensable. It keeps you in contact. It is the center of your social life.

And it could be dangerous. Cell phones put out radiation. If you hear a computer, a radio, or a television set make strange noises, that’s some of the power the cell phone is throwing out.
How much radiation? Well, sometimes cell phone companies tell you. It can be on some inconspicuous place on the box or in the manual.

That’s really not fair. We have a right to know what we’re being exposed to.

One California legislator is trying to change that. Mark Leno has introduced a bill that requires disclosure of the radiation level. I like the idea. Other states, federal regulatory agencies and our fairly useless Congress ought to be protecting us.

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