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Islamic Business Ethics!

Business Ethics – Mufti Menk – YouTube

Mufti Menk explains the rules of a good bargain.

I have taught business ethics for some years now and I have tried to emphasize the application of religion to the field. Several Protestant denominations have strong codes of business ethics, and the Catholic Church has an vast array of teachings on the proper conduct of business from a moral standpoint. However, both Judaism and the religion of Islam have a lot to say about business ethics. I have been impressed by the Islamic take on what constitutes proper business conduct.

This brief video is eloquent and beautifully explains the concept of “blessings” in business dealings. Blessings in this teaching are the benefits of the bargain. They are not to be concentrated on one side of the deal but both parties are to share in the prosperity brought about by business deals. I was delighted with the concept and I hope you enjoy it too.


Kaaba at night (from wikipedia)

In these days, when many are willing to judge all practitioners of Islam as militant radicals, it is important to recognize the basic morality of the religion and the benefits it has brought hundreds of millions of people. Among those benefits is a strong well taught set of rules for Islamic business ethics.

James Pilant

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Jewish group fights for chaplain monument at Arlington (via CNN Belief Blog)

If four guys die tough and three get memorials, then the fourth should get on too.

(That may be my best summary of an article yet.)

I am for the monument. If you are as well, please let your congressman know.

James Pilant

Jewish group fights for chaplain monument at Arlington By Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor Arlington, Virginia (CNN) – Three German torpedoes ripped through the icy waters of the Atlantic off the coast of Greenland. On February 2, 1943, the USS Dorchester was transporting 902 U.S. servicemen to war. Only one torpedo hit, but it struck a deathblow — killing scores instantly and resetting the ship’s course to the bottom of the ocean. Amid the chaos, survivors later recalled, four U.S. Army ch … Read More

via CNN Belief Blog

Talmudic Investment Advice

I often rework the title of an article I am recommending but this time there wasn’t any way I was going to do that. Asher Meir writing in the Jerusalem World Review explains the Talmudic teachings (or advice or recommendations) on what you should invest in. The Talmud has much to say about investment and Rabbi Meir explains. (In brief, the Talmud recommends diversification.)

Investment simply explained –

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