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What is SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and could you do SEO? Either way, avoid scammers. Part II (via Social Media Directors)

Not only are his views on blog success excellent, he is a fan of net neutrality. in my judgment, he is an ally. Search engine optimization is not just hot topic, it’s a controversial one with many companies selling software and advice.

Best paragraph – Well-written, original and researched material with relevant, high-quality content that is rich, but not over-saturated, with properly researched keywords and is linked to content-related sites – both yours and others – is the type of copy that works best. Though it requires more effort and time, it is the fastest, longest-lasting and certainly most profitable way to get ranked high on Google and stay there. Some people call it White Hat SEO. I call it honesty.

Good stuff.

James Pilant

What is SEO and could you do SEO? Either way, avoid scammers. Part II In the offline world starting small makes sense. You start small and try to grow. But this is the Internet. It is not yet completely governed by politics. There are computers involved, and computers work using logic. Simple, reason-based logic. Often, these SEO experts who are trying to sell you their strategy will convince you to not even try to go for the big keywords. They attempt to make, and often succeed in making us pay for not trying. It … Read More

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Netherlands becomes second country to make net neutrality a law (via VentureBeat)

Netherlands becomes second country to make net neutrality a law (via VentureBeat)

I would like to see the United States do this. I would like to point out that the time to get to my site after hitting a link has increased by a third. I believe that is due to other services being given priority. I wonder how many people will bother to read my stuff when the wait becomes double or triple.

James Pilant

Netherlands becomes second country to make net neutrality a law The Dutch Parliament on Wednesday passed a law that prohibits Internet service providers from slowing down any kind of Internet traffic unless it’s to ease congestion, preserve security, or block spam. The practice of treating all Internet traffic equally—whether it’s text, e-mail, audio, or video—is commonly referred to as net neutrality. This move makes the Netherlands the second country in the world to put net neutrality into law, after Chile. … Read More

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Inside the Beltway… (via Scenarios and Strategy)

Click on the link below to see the cartoon. It’s a good one. The battle over net neutrality illustrated. This is delicious. And it is accurate.

Fighting the net neutrality battle for a small blog seems almost hopeless but there a lot of us. We’re disorganized and highly independent. It doesn’t make for good group cohesion. But we have our anger and each of us has our own niche on the web. Maybe we can make some difference in this battle.

James Pilant

Inside the Beltway... From Christopher Wright, a comic illustrating a theme that we’ve visited before (e.g., here and here)  While he focuses on Net Neutrality, one should feel free to substitute the Corporatist concern of one’s choice– energy policy, agricultural policy, financial industry policy, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property, etc., etc.– the mechanism works in just the same way… Corporations are people, the Supreme Court averred as it proscribed any im … Read More

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