I ask that question every day. Who stands for the public? Who stands for the middle class? Does anybody care?

This is a post directed at Canadian issues in terms of the details but once past the details the problems are world wide. Are we going to allow the new powers of technology to be cash cows for a rapacious corporate mind set? Are we going to be a bunch of proles, peons and sheep, managed like cattle being fed while these huge organizations decide whether or not our material is seen?

I read all the time that these companies have a right to make these charges, to regulate bandwidth – – corporate freedom? That’s a comedy concept. People are what’s important. The right of an organization to make a profit is overborne by the possibilities of human happiness, human welfare and political rights. Whatever our wacky supreme court decides, corporations should have no more rights than any other political concept, that is, none. Corporations are already well protected because the people who run and own them have human and political rights which they are in no way shy about exerting.

It’s time to organize and fight. It time to stop this nonsense of corporate sentience.

Humans are important, not giant collections of cash.

James Pilant

Jack said “I have heard from thousands of Canadians who tell me that internet access and cell phone affordability are critical issues for them. Please know that New Democrats recognize the importance of these issues in today’s rapidly changing society. The following are highlights from our 2011 election plan: – We will prohibit all forms of usage-based billing (UBB) by Internet Service Providers (ISPs); – We will unlock cells phones, allowing con … Read More

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