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What I am Watching Today on You Tube – The Nordic War 1939-45

I found this video on a You Tube members site called Memb The Penguin III’s Channel.

Russia invades Finland

Just click this link to see the films: The Nordic War 1939-45

This is the story of the three wars that Finland fought during the Time of the Second World War. The first was the Russo-Finnish War. The second was the Continuation War. The third was the Lapland War.

This is one of the great David vs. Goliath conflicts in which a numerically inferior Finns (outnumbered by three to one) inflicted a series of humiliating defeats on a huge Soviet army.

I am fascinated by history and strongly believe that Americans focus too much on their own history while ignoring the history of other parts of the world.

On the Defense

(Some documentary videos on You Tube are scratchy and poorly organized. This one is beautiful and clearly narrated.)

James Pilant

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Dan Bodine Comments on My Last Post

Dan Bodine was kind enough to comment on my travails at moving to a new site. Here’s what he has to say –

Little confused over the “mechanics” of this and why you’re worried so much. Really enjoy you’re content, by the way. But I’m in the early design stage of doing something similar. Only instead of moving my blog, I’m continuing it and starting a new blog. The new blog will be just or political comment, which I feel is inappropriate for my present news and features blog. And of course that means moving some of my old stories and re-posting them in the new blog’s morgue. Is what you’re doing radically different than this? And I’m just an old fogey who still ain’t gotta clue as to how all these website really works?

I’m building a site with at least two sliders, a video feed and about three news feed with probably a half dozen RSS feeds from individual blogs I find important. I’m reading and watching videos from You-Tube on blogging. I’m fifty-five and this stuff does not come as easy as it does to the young.

I’ve been blogging off and on for the past three or four years. This new blog will encapsulate all the lessons I’ve learned in that time.

This is going to be combination of good content, powerful imaging, video content and heavy, heavy search engine optimization.

James Pilant

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