What is ethics?

The word ethics originated from a Greek word “ethos “which means customs, character or conduct. Ethics always addresses the concept of implementation of responsibility, rights and wrong and also the applications of moral standards of practical human activities. All ethical analysis in an organization will address all the moral standards and legal requirements and consequences of action taken by an individual.

What are Business Ethics?

These are most curtail aspects of having a conducive and successful business environment. In any business setup where you have employees it is crucial to address and communicate certain needs and concern to your employees so that everyone will have good working environment and better workstation relationships. If you are the employee of any business then you have to familiarize yourself with business ethics and codes so that you may have better understanding on how to handle any situation you may find yourself in at the organization.

Business ethics are all about principles laid down to give an organization some basis of dealing with all the issues that may arise from a particular situations in an organization. How does these ethics help in any business? The help employees in an organization who may be experiencing some problems that they need the management to address in future for good working environment.

The fact is that if anything that happens around the business affects the business. Even if it’s a personal matter with a fellow co-worker, like an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend for instance, because you are on business property, anything that you do affects the business as well. Therefore, it will be imperative for you to understand the ethics and the rules that are involved in dealing with situations that come up in the workplace.

The following are ethical strategy that an organizations need to implement

  1. Addressing all criminal behavior and the needs to operate at a given legal framework. This strategy may be implemented through creating awareness for all individuals so that the employees do understand legal framework on the business and all their responsibilities on the success of business and smooth running of that organization.
  2. Personal behavior and human values. Ethical values needs to define all human and strategic resources and individuals are supposed to carry themselves both internally in a business organization and their behavior with customers and competitors and development of business relationships.
  3. Business behavior. Ethical policy has to address how all business activities are undertaken verified and monitored to ensure there are in compliance with laid legal and ethical standards. This strategy must also include reviewing potential business risks and ways to mitigate them.